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Meet Zelda
November 20, 2012, 8:03 am
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These are definitely Alpacas. They had a sign on them and everything.

She’s an Alpaca.  Please feel free to carry this photo for regular reference.  I do however understand that they are obviously not as amusing as Llama’s, although considerably less dangerous (I can’t believe everyone missed this one…. the Llama Song).


(With thanks to the lovely husband for taking me to visit them at the weekend – don’t you love a man who knows his Camelids?  If you want to go see them too they are at Jesmond Dene’s Pets Corner.  As if the Alpaca’s weren’t enough, they also have chickens and Pygmy goats).


Is a sheep a hasty choice?
November 15, 2012, 7:10 am
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To take true consideration if all of the options here is my list about why it would be great to have an alpaca / lama in the garden.  This is to endure the full facts are explored before I bring an animal into my suburban back garden.

I say alpaca / lama as I have never really understood the difference between them. I think lamas are taller. I’m sure someone clever would be able to tell me.

  • If I had an alpaca in my back garden then I could make heaps of money by selling the fleece as its really expensive fibre
  • I could hire it out in the winter to star in nativity productions
  • It would be able to peer over the fence and entertain the neighbours grandchildren (if it was a tall one which makes it a lama)
  • I could run visits for knitters and sell them alpaca / lama related items – e.g. a book in the shape of an alpaca / lama, alpaca / lama flavoured wine etc.
  • In the summer I could take it to the beach to take the kiddies for a ride
  • I could make my own cheese (or is that goats?)
  • My lawn would still be beautifully manicured – but so would my bushes due said animals increased height

Concern may be that they spit and don’t get on with the sheep, and as they are part of the camel family they might find the North East a little chilly….  Also, the last time I met a camel I had to buy a rug.

It’s a real camel. Or dromedary. Or something.

Don’t ask.


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