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It turns out that it was a year ago today I posted my first entry on this site.  It was a bit random and primarily in response to ‘I couldn’t do that – could I?’.  Well so far it’s been a lot of fun – I think!  And looking back over the year, it turns out there are lots of things that I couldn’t have imagined at the beginning of this!

Things I have learnt from this year

  • Everyone hates running (apart from Tillerman – but I don’t actually believe him)
  • That the inventor of the Crow’s Nest was born in Whitby
  • Spinning is really hard
  • How to taste wine (sort of – it all still tastes like wine really though)
  • Trying to teach kids anything without the benefit of chocolate is basically a waste of time
  • You actually can buy ANYTHING on E-Bay
  • How to be a better OOD!
  • We all like Dinosaurs (maybe I imagined this?)
  • Woolfest is awesome
  • Not every 50p is worth 50p
  • The Internet definitely thinks I should get a sheep

Amazing things that happened this year

  • I ran the Great North Run– who knew?!?
  • I came third in an actual proper sailing race – and got a prize to prove it
  • It was the Mr’s last year as Commodore
  • I learnt to spin
  • The dog qualified to drive a powerboat
  • We didn’t move to the country
  • I met a real life alpaca and fed it a carrot
  • I got a spinning wheel AND a knitting machine called Jeremy
  • The Olympics and the Jubilee!  Go Britain!
  • I qualified as a Dinghy Instructor
  • The Solstice at Stonehenge – kind of amazing
  • I learnt how to felt… OK it was by mistake – but let’s take it as a positive!
  • I wasn’t last at an open event

I also found some amazing people and blogs out there in the ether of the Internet – I have added a new page so if you would like to go and visit some of them then check this out.  Be warned – some of these people actually know what they are talking about!

But most of all it’s been fun to chat with you all – so thanks for dropping by…. it’s appreciated!

So what about this year?

Well I have a plan.  I need to get better at sailing and knitting.  I also need to delete the email suggesting that I take part in the Sunderland Half Marathon in April.  This is a foolish idea and no amount of looking at the email is going to get rid of the cake and beer induced wobble prior to April.

So I am going to be doing 3LT – this is the name for my new recipe for success.  Every idea needs a good marketing slogan.  And maybe a logo.

Look, Learn, Listen; Turn up, Take part and TRAVEL!

That sounds really exciting doesn’t it?

Summer Solstice
June 21, 2012, 11:37 pm
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Late last night I was travelling down to a hotel ready for an early appointment when I realised I was going to drive past Stonehenge.  And it was the summer solstice.  I had no idea, but on a whim decided to go with it and head for the site – I’ve never visited before and it’s not likely I will get the chance again.  And so I unwittingly joined 14,000 other people in a damp field in Wiltshire.

This was one of the most random nights – turning up I found myself parking next to a van that was setting up for the evening – by unloading and setting up a full sideboard, rug, standard lamp, sofa and a Christmas tree which they then proceeded to decorate.  No idea.  Obviously some ceremonial thing I’m not up with.

The place was packed – it was only just after 9pm and people were everywhere as I walked out to the stones – which were awash with people, inside the circle (which is not usually allowed), on top of the stones within, on the perimeter, around performance areas which had been set up across the site.  There was even a giant statue.  This was in addition to a large police presence and a whole host of ‘authentic to the period’ burger vans!


So was it special?

Well, the circle is amazing, I confess to touching the stones and trying to feel anything.  They were warm – but then it had been a warm day, and I would like to say that I felt some sort of energy – but I don’t know if that was just me imagining this or really just about the number of people and the level of excitement on the site.  It was hard to really get a sense of what was going on – although there were people obviously there for religious reasons, groups of ‘performers’ – drummers and dancers mainly, there were lots there just to enjoy the party and then some like me who had just turned up with no idea what to expect.

So what was it all about?  I don’t know!  But it was fun and different and unexpected, so whats not to like.

Did I stay the night to watch the sunrise?  Don’t be daft – I left when the rain turned up!

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