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Who knew I won Gold?
August 13, 2012, 4:13 pm
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So the Olympics are finished and life can get back to normal.  So what does that mean?  Well for a start we can all stop watching sport at every available moment – I even found myself actively engaging in a bout of jumping earlier last week – trust me – put Olympics in the title and I was quite literally watching anything.  Turned out we are good at jumping and got Gold in it – who knew??

We can also stop being a little smug about our medal haul – none of us are actually smug – we are just trying to cover how totally amazed we are with how well we have done.  And in who has achieved – allot of our ‘nailed on’ medals didn’t come off, or didn’t do as well as we would have hoped, while in other areas (dancing horses anyone?) we have surprised everyone.

I can finally put my flags away – they came out for the Jubilee and have taken up residence since – and I have never owned a flag prior to this.

The London transport system can stop emailing me thanking me for not using it – I’ve never seen a business so pleased that I have avoided it and chose other modes of transport instead (primarily, not going to London, and walking when I had to go, or even on one occasion going in an Olympic Lane in a taxi – I was so excited…).

For special people only

But what I am most excited about is how much of a medal I have won.  Obviously by being a taxpayer and buying lottery tickets all the athletes funding has actually come from me (and the rest of the British public).  So based on the 63,600,000 people there are in Britain (well, the UK), I calculate that I have personal possession of 0.00000102201 of one of our 65 medals.  I’m so proud.

If you try and work out how much of a gold medal I have won however calculators start doing funny things – mine tells me I have won 4.55974843e-7 of one of our Gold medals.  That’s maths too hard for me, so I’ll stick with ‘some’ of a gold medal is mine….!

They are made from gen-u-ine gold

So for a little wincey country I think we have done pretty good – and it’s just been announced that on the back of our success kids will be doing more sport at school, increased spending will be available for continued investment in sport both at community and elite level, and we will all be taking an increased interest in Handball and Taekwondo.

Net gain in sailing club members over this time?  Nil.

Drastic action is required to capitalise on Olympic enthusiasm.  Watch this space.

It’s the greatest show on earth!
July 31, 2012, 9:14 am
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Here we are watching the opening ceremony!

To be fair, you kind of had to be there…

I feel so proud and humbled to be British with this barmy event.  I’m not going to go on about it – if you saw it you don’t need me to tell you about it – and if you missed it – well here is a little to whet your appetite –

Jerusalem (yup – we were crying right there…!), the Queen parachuting in, Michael Fish, the forging of the Olympic rings, Mr Bean, the AMAZING Olympic cauldron, the Elvis get up worn by our team, the trampolining beds, the floating clouds, the national anthem (including verse two!), the Archers, Texting and Mary Poppins.

Go, go now and watch it…..

Click HERE!

Is that a bandwagon?
July 25, 2012, 7:55 am
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The Royal Mint is offering the chance to buy a 50 pence piece (that’s right – a piece of coinage that you can buy 50 penny chews with, or put with four shiny pound coins and buy a glass of wine).  You can buy this coin for £2.99.

Am I missing something?  Apparently you can buy these from the mint – for quite literally a ‘mint’ – or you can see if you get one in your change as they are also in day to day circulation.  So how much are the ones in my change worth?  £2.99?  Or are they worth 50p – as is written on them.  I’m a bit confused…..


Hang on a minute….
July 19, 2012, 7:06 am
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…turns out we’ve been letting everyone else practice at the Weymouth Olympic venue on the run up to the games….

“The British sailors will have some home advantage, though Weymouth and Portland have not been closed off to other countries. With his “purely competitive head” on Park is unhappy with this. “It’s the worst thing ever, they should stop them at the English Channel so we can maximise our advantage. But from a whole sport perspective we want this to be a fantastic games and want people to feel comfortable here.””

The Guardian

I know we’re British – but really???

(Actually I just think it would have been fun to see how the heck we were going to stop all sailing in the English Channel.  Giant piece of red rope?  Bouncers?  Winston Churchill?)

Knitting, Sailing and the Olympics
June 29, 2012, 6:15 am
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I had to share this – I know there has been lots of trouble about knitting and the Olmpics, but this is fantastic – although I’m not sure which direction the wind is meant to be coming from…..

Credit Images Marion Brown

Credit Images Marion Brown

…answers on a postcard!

(By the Pulesque Knitting Group based down south where the Sailing Olympics will actually be taking place – you can find them here –  and Marion’s blog about it here – )

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