Once I get started

Once I get started I sometimes can’t stop.  In fact I get a bit carried away.  So much so that I have gone on a bit of a sock bender.  Like many people with an addictive personality this has taken the form of looking at a lot of socks, imagining socks on my feet, feeling sock wool and going for quick mini-hits of socks when I think no one is looking.  So my friends children have had an influx of socks.

How cute!
How cute!

I’ve tried them for the dog but she just pulls them off in disgust.  They are so cute and you can knit one in an hour.  That’s right – an HOUR.  And that’s for the bigger ones.  As an achievement junkie this is a totally new and amazing discovery.  And I can use lots of different bits of sock wool so the variety is a big plus.  The additional benefit of knitting something so small is that you can try out and learn lots of new techniques – and then translate it to big ones!  So these are toe up socks.

Starting with Judys Magic cast on there is no longer any need for looking for my tatty photocopy of kitcheners stitch.

This is using Jenys suprisingly stretchy cast off – fantastic alternative to the traditional and helps get all of those wriggly toes gathered up in one go.

2014-04-22 16.11.34

And these are toe up two at a time socks using magic loop.  I LOVE this – because you get two socks at the end of it!

These were actually a bit of an experiment as I tried to just upsize the baby pattern, which completely didn’t work and the toes were square, but after a bit of trial and effort they are looking like they are meant to.  I have also done a version of the short row heel rather than a heel flap like I usually do on proper socks – the sock is definitely a better fit and I think looks just as lovely.

But now to the bad bit.  They don’t match.  NO really – look at them – they don’t even look like they were from the same wool never mind a matching pair.  They joy of these socks is that they are being knit from one ball – one end from the middle, one from the outside.  But they have come out as what is commonly known as ‘fraternal’ rather than matching.  It’s messing with my head more than a bit – but it’s not stopping me knitting more…

Orange and Green - kind of troll colours

Additional feet required!


NB – Apologies about the lack of photos – I lost all my ‘in progress’ shots on changing my phone 😦

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