Why not try…

So I’m going to add in some excellent things you might find useful, fun or just randomly entertaining.  And I’m going to start with Blogs….

This is a list of some great blogs you might like to visit.

Super Sailing Blogs!

So you have realised by now – I’m not the greatest sailor in the world… but some of these people are…

Time on the Water – Liberty is being free from the things we don’t like in order to be slaves of the things we do like.–Ernest Benn

Proper Course – Cheat the nursing home. Die on your LASER.

Kandula’s Eye View – The view from the back of the fleet

Centre of Effort – Boathandling, Tactics and Strategy of Sailboat Racing on Boston Harbor and Beyond

Viking Vareo – Follow the adventures of a single-handed gennaker dinghy, RS Vareo, from a beginner to intermediate perspective


Captain JP’s Log

Improper Course – because success is rarely a straight line

Apparent Wind

Tinker at Sea – “A person is only as big as the dream they dare to live.” – Unknown

Frogma – Being the Continuing Adventures of a Woman and her Trusty Kayak in New York Harbor, the Hudson River, and Beyond. (with occasional political rants just to keep things lively!)

Messing About in Sailboats – a passion for all things sailing

Bursledon Blog

Log of Spartina

Knit-tastic Knitting Blogs

I’m also not the greatest knitter…

Little Cotton Rabbits – knitting and living with an autistic son

Yarn Harlot – Stephanie Pearl-McPhee goes on(and on) about knitting

Just call me Ruby – the vintage knitting adventures of Susan Crawford

Knit and Tonic


Bad Knitting – an inexpert knitter ventures forth

Knitting to Stay Sane – challenging myself, one stitch at a time

Did you make that? – Sewing, Knitting and Crocheting

Craftsy – Learn it, Make it

Other odd blogs I think are great, interesting or entertaining!

I’m an Armchair Gardener

Everything Dinosaur

Texts from Dog – My dog sends me texts.  I post them here. Yeah. It’s weird.

Gin and Lemonade – …with a twist

The Boring Runner – Mostly Boring… with a bit of life, work and running all mixed in


The Bloggess – like Mother Teresa only better

Ruth O’Leary Textile Art – Embroidery and Inspirations

Crafty Recycling – unique gifts that don’t cost the earth in any way!

Skinny Runner – Team Awesome?  I’m on it


Hilary’s Blog – Running, Learning and Searching

Leafy Dumas – Artist, Sailor, Maker of things

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