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It seemed like a good idea at the time
July 4, 2012, 8:07 am
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Earlier this year it seemed like a great idea to do something for charity.  And having been *ahem* ‘rescued’ by the RNLI it seemed only right and proper to support the charity my brother works so hard for.

So I foolishly signed up for the Great North Run – a half marathon.  Foolish for several reasons –

  • I hate running
  • I’m not very fit
  • It rains allot in the North East – and running in the rain is really miserable
  • I like cake
  • The idea of doing a run with thousands of other people all forcing me to keep going makes me feel a little sick
  • It’s 13 miles
  • Running is REALLY BORING
  • I would rather sail than run
  • If I’m doing it for charity then I HAVE to do it
  • I would rather clean my house than run
  • It’s still 13 miles
  • No one else likes running either so I have to do it on my own
  • Everything wobbles when you run – and not in a good way
  • You can’t drink wine while you are running
  • I really, really hate running
  • The Olympic torch bearers all do running – but only go about 200 yards – why didn’t I think of that instead?
  • It makes your legs go all fat at the bottom (I believe ‘muscelly’ is the technical term)
  • Did I mention its 13 miles?
  • There are actual magazines about running – thats right – whole books, websites and magazines about running – essentially putting one foot in front of the other faster than walking (if you Google running, it brings up more than 369 MILLION sites?!?!?!?!).  That’s terrifying.
  • Everyone who runs on Facebook does ‘log my run’ stuff which is just totally intimidating
  • I really, really, really hate running
  • If you are exhausted and stop running, because you are wearing running stuff then everyone knows you are a skiving off wobbly runner who likes cake and give you that look to tell you they know you are weak and pathetic
  • People from work have run it in the past and therefore feel it is helpful to share how horrible it is and how much it is going to hurt.  Apparently there is a big hill in it.  I hate hills.

In retrospect there are lots of other things I could have done instead.  Like just give them some money – remind me of this one next time.

So I have been doing training.  What this actually means that I have been going running (a little bit).  I thought I had been doing OK until I saw in the training program thing I should be doing 5 miles by now.  I nearly am, but I guess ‘nearly’ doesn’t get you through a half marathon.

So guess what I’m doing tonight?  Wish me luck.

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