Have I already broken my New Year’s Resolution?

Which was to get more work / life balance, spend more time on ‘fun’ stuff (i.e. sailing and knitting!) and less time on sitting at work staring at a computer screen.

I’m a sales manager.  It’s fun (no its not, I’m lying to make myself sound more interesting….) – I don’t sell wool, and use lots of corporate jargon and occasionally sit knitting at two in the morning to avoid the cold blind panic of potentially not hitting that target.  Let’s be honest – we’ve all been there.

So for 2012 I decided I needed to loosen up, relax and spend some time focussing on other ‘stuff’.  Well my actual resolution was to try and knit one item a week, but as we are now on Wednesday and the item I am currently knitting is an oversized cardigan which still requires half the body and a sleeve to be knit I don’t really think it’s going to happen.  Not helped by the fact I think I may have miscalculated and not have enough wool to finish said cardigan…..

But what I will hopefully have achieved in the next ten minutes is my very first blog!  I thought this would keep me focussed – and I was really excited about the idea of writing something that went on the Internet that the whole world could see (if they wanted!).  So as soon as I post this I will have accomplished one whole resolution!  What I need to find out next is if keeping it up is harder than finishing the cardie!


  1. Well done that knitting sailor!

    I have finally mastered the art of knitting and watching the TV.

    Now I’ve just got to get on track with the sailing.

    Fortunatly I don’t have to sell anything to anyone, so I’m saved that torture. Sorry. Joy.


  2. I love it……and I will keep reading with interest and empathy, interest in everything nd empathy in the busy work stuff as I don’t knit or blog……but now I think about it I might try both…………..

  3. Well done you! And I think a cardigan sleeve can count as one item, no? Otherwise you will be restricted to small woolly things only.


  4. How very exciting – the world talks back!

    Good news – I may have a cunning plan thanks to a recent mag article – watch this space! (and yes – it is a ‘small woolly thing’ Judy!)

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