Moving to the Country

So this weekend I got really excited about moving to the country.  This is not because we don’t live somewhere nice now, but I had this random vision in my head of long winter nights in front of a real fire knitting away to my heart’s content with a big cup of proper coffee and snow falling in an attractive way outside.  There would probably be candles and maybe some hearty soup on the stove made from local ingredients from our friendly local bakers / butchers / grocery store and vegetables grown in the garden.

What I was not of course considering was that this would not happen in real life – in real life I would be snowed into my car half way home on ungritted roads having left work late and got stuck in rush hour on a commute twice the length of what it is now.  There would be no real fire as we would have been too busy to chop wood (or do you buy it like that?), so the radiators would just be on full blast, there wouldn’t be any dinner as the local shops would have been shut by the time we got there and by this time we would be so grumpy about the whole thing I suspect a quiet evening knitting would not be top of mind and a row would brew about who’s fault everything was.

It’s a bit like my remaining resolution.  In my head it was going to spur me on to produce more beautiful things through the year making sure I spent a little more time on something I love to do.  I envisaged a huge pile of lovely knitted things all finished at the end of the year while I sat in the middle of it with a smug sense of achievement.

Of course, this isn’t what it’s been like at all.  We have already established that I essentially cheated in week one and in week two I have knitted furiously to complete a  Möbius wrap spurred on by how much I had enjoyed wearing my existing one recently.  It’s not finished.  I am now totally stressed that I have spent all of my time on this and not on my cardie and resisting starting a wrap which I am dying to re-knit with new perfect wool.  It has in fact taken all of the fun out of it.  It is to knitting what moving to the country is to people who live at the seaside.

So I have decided to stop stressing about it.  I took a deep breath and put it down and played with wool last night instead.  It felt good.


  1. Lovely, chatty blog my lovely friend. And playing with wool is always a good thing, even 5 minutes of it can restore my faith in the world.

  2. I don’t knit at all, but you’ve impressed the devil out of me by managing to get those two little dots over the ‘o’ in Mobius (see what I mean – I have no idea how to do that).

    Usually, I just Google a word until I find it properly spelled, with the dots and accents already in place, and then copy and paste that. I suppose you may have done that here, but I suspect not.

    I could see a need for a separate post explaining just what a Mobius (sorry) wrap is for those of us who sail more than we knit. A math teacher once explained to us that a Mobius (sorry) band has only one surface, but I thought he must have been drinking.

    I can see how knitting such a thing would result in a considerable savings in yarn, though.

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