It’s a disaster of titanic proportions


I have gone very quiet on the subject of my epic cardie.  I have not posted photos.  I have declined to mention any further, despite said item being completely and gloriously finished.  There is a reason for this.  When you last saw it I was just after blocking it and it looked like this.

You can tell this was a long time ago – there was sunshine

I then tried it on and it then looked like this.

That’s right, by the mere application of a dab of water my cardie had gone from fitting perfectly (and me feeling really smug about it) to quadruple the size.  I couldn’t actually speak about this for a little while.

People would ask me about it and I would say ‘long story!’ and move on.  I hid it in my spare room – occasionally popping in to just look at it in dismay.  Eventually I asked a fried for advice.  She came up with two options.  So I tried the first.


That’s right – I really did take a photo of my washing machine

This is me putting my beautiful hand wash only cardie into a thirty degree wash in a vague attempt to shrink it.  This is what it looked like afterwards.

So essentially no discernible difference except dying the pillow case I had washed it inside pink.  I tried again on a forty degree wash.

It really is no better.  So I am left with either risking a 60 degree wash which I am too terrified to go for, or going with option 2 – friend or charity.

And just before anyone asks – yes I did do a gauge swatch.  I just didn’t wash it.  I know I know…. but it’s really boring and who would have thought washing mattered?

RIP dear Cardie – I will mourn you while I knit something that doesn’t need to fit.  Like a scarf.



  1. I totally agree. At least with the hotter wash there is a chance you will be able to keep and use your cardi, and not just for scaring the kiddies at Halloween!

    Though, I wonder how it would look over a buoyancy aid…

  2. My time proven method for shrinking woolen items to wash and then forget about them and toss them into the dryer with the rest of my other clothes and bingo, after 60 minutes with the heat at full tilt (men never bother with the other settings) not only are my jeans bone dry but the forgotten sweater goes from my size to one that might fit Twiggy after a long fast (and try as I might the new smaller size seems irreversible). Just a thought before you salvage the wool to start that Viking sail…

  3. Don’t give up, yet.

    Can’t you stitch the sleeves closed and turn them into attached mittens?

    The problem with mittens is that there’s no place to put them when you’re not wearing them and you end up losing one. I think you’ve found a clever solution to a problem that’s plagued us ever since hand warmers were invented by the ancient Mitts.

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