Is that a bandwagon?

The Royal Mint is offering the chance to buy a 50 pence piece (that’s right – a piece of coinage that you can buy 50 penny chews with, or put with four shiny pound coins and buy a glass of wine).  You can buy this coin for £2.99.

Am I missing something?  Apparently you can buy these from the mint – for quite literally a ‘mint’ – or you can see if you get one in your change as they are also in day to day circulation.  So how much are the ones in my change worth?  £2.99?  Or are they worth 50p – as is written on them.  I’m a bit confused…..



  1. I think its a southerners thing – you know how weird they are down there. Nice enough design though – wouldve been nice if they couldve got the lasers flat

  2. As a colonist, I’ve never understood British currency, and this isn’t helping one bit.

    The map seems to show only a part of Britland. Maybe this is a regional coin issued by the Duchy of Weymouth? The pricing could reflect that everything in Weymouth will likely cost six times the usual amount for the next several weeks.

    Would it be rude to point out that they haven’t done a very good job of making these coins round?

  3. That’s OK O’Dock – as a colonist you are specifically NOT meant to understand our coinage – its for residents only. We here in Britain see the inherent value of non-round coins – it’s a huge time saver when you drop your money knowing it can’t roll away. It can also allow rich people to create interesting and varied jigsaws.

    Think you may have something on the inflationary pricing in Weymouth however….

  4. In 2010 Santa bought Patrick and Robin both a limited edition Blue Peter 50p with the Olympic logo on. These only cost £5 each! Patrick still has his in his original packaging. Robin also for a brief moment cherished his as he displayed his on his wall. Stuck on with Blu Tac for all to see along with a few other Olympic coins he came across. Only recently I asked him where they had gone. Apparantly they turned into fruit pastilles once the Christmas sweets ran out back in Janyary 2011, grrr!

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