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I’m a Dinosaur
September 2, 2012, 8:01 pm
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A Dinosaur is apparently a “terrible lizard”. I feel like a terrible lizard today and have therefore – inspired by my completed Wingspan – spent the day Googling things about Dinosaurs.  So here I proudly present 10 fascinating facts about Dinosaurs to cheer up your day courtesy of the tinterweb.

1. The dinosaur with the longest name was Micropachycephalosaurus meaning “tiny thick-headed lizard” – I think that’s a bit rude, but I guess he’s not around to complain

2. The dinosaurs in the film ‘Jurassic Park’ were not real.

3. Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for over 160 million years. Get that – they didn’t LIVE on the Earth – they RULED it.

4. Scientists believe that birds are descended from dinosaurs.

5. Plateosaurus’s had opposable thumbs, so they may well have been knitters.

6. Dinosaurs lived on every continent.

7. Dinosaurs weren’t all green, they were brightly coloured like snakes and birds – I am assuming this means the non brown or green birds. Maybe brightly coloured like parrots. Or maybe they weren’t but just wore a lot of hand knitted Christmas jumpers which made them look bright and cheerful.

8. The American Opossums lived at the same time as the Dinosaurs and are still around today

9. The imaginatively named Giganotosaurus is the largest carnivorous dinosaur discovered.

10. Dinosaurs could swim and climb trees, but probably couldn’t sail.

I feel like a dinosaur in my new shawlette and as such have given myself a new name


You too can make your very own Dinosaur name by adding ‘saurous’, ‘-dactdal’, ‘-ceratops’ to the end of it.  It is the most fun you can have (there are lots of other names too – have a look here.  And if you want to join my Dino-gang add it to the comments.  I will be unsurprised by the resounding silence).

I’m having my business cards reprinted as we speak.



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11. Next Saturday evening there’ll be dinosaurs on a spaceship! To quote the Doctor: “how cool is that”

Comment by JP

Oh no!
They better be on the same side as the Doctor or I may be in trouble

Comment by knittingsailor

Back from holidays and catching up on TV – very disapointed that Tracey the Triceratops was the best they could come up with…

Comment by knittingsailor

I went to see the Dinos this weekend at the Natural History Museum 😀
At the start of the Dino period, the continents were just 1 big one, that drifted apart during their time on the plant – *that’s* how long they were around; long enough for the continents to leg it off around the globe… *boggle*

Comment by The Armchair Gardener

*planet. Doh! I’m clearly obsessed – even my typos are horticultural 😉

Comment by The Armchair Gardener

I will now be known as Moosaurous

Comment by Amanda

I think Mr Fluffy should still just be Mr Fluffy – it’s a terrifying name for a hamster and even ‘Fluffy-ceratops’ isn’t more scary

Comment by knittingsailor

Well of course dinosaurs ruled for 160 million years.

That was before the two-party system.

Comment by o docker

Why did the Archaeopteryx catch the worm?
Because it was an early bird!

Comment by tillerman (@ProperCourse)

Love it!

Comment by knittingsailor

What do you get when dinosaurs crash their cars?

Tyrannosaurus wrecks!

Comment by tillerman (@ProperCourse)

I’m a Short sighted dinosaur – doya-think-he-saurus

Comment by Max

Loving a good dino-gag!

Comment by knittingsailor

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