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September 10, 2012, 5:13 pm
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I have realised that many good blogs have book reviews.  I assume this is because people think the bloggers are great and value their opinion and think a review will drive book sales into the millions.  So as my post on cats was so successful I decided to follow the herd (of cats) and do something similar.

So I have set my standard high, and with no expense spared have secured a book to review to demonstrate my great reviewing skills.


I know this is a high calibre book (despite the fact that I paid a bargain 75p for it from a charity sale) due to the vintage (vintage = old and expensive rather than old and in a skip for free) frontpiece.

I never quite got what a 'Preparatory School' was preparing you for.

So now I just have to read it and decide how many dinosaurs to award it.  I am sure the steady stream of free books to review will follow straight after.


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People do send me books to review. It’s a mixed blessing. I do feel obliged to read the books before I review them and often they are quit long and aren’t very good. But then I really enjoy writing a review telling both of my readers what an awful book it is.

PS. Couldn’t you review knitting patterns instead?

Comment by tillerman (@ProperCourse)

Giant problem reviewing knitting patterns – is it you / the wool / the needles / the tension / the fact you were knitting it in the dark or is it the pattern?

As its generally something relating to me I therefore feel guilty slagging off the pattern – even on previously giant and now tiny and felted jackets.

Good news on Bill however – it is a truly gripping tale. Have you ever thought about reviewing 30ft luxury yachts to see if you can get one of those for free?

Comment by knittingsailor

Trouble with book reviews is people asking daft questions – by the way Is Bill takes the helm available for Kindle

Comment by Max

Amazon does have a hard copy for £28.
I think once I have whipped up excitement about the book I will then be able to sell it and make back my 75p.

Comment by knittingsailor

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