What to do with a punctured tyre

Friday night a contingent of the knit group from work I go to went to a crafty / sewey / other stuff workshop at the Shipley Art Gallery. It’s the first time I’ve been to something like this and it was great fun.  There were loads of people making braided cords, embellished buttons, jewellery out of inner tubes, darning and lots of other stuff. Out of the seven workshops I made this.

It’s a brooch – not a broach

Other people made braidy things and necklaces out of inner tubes.

Too difficult for me

I then got a bit tired so spent the rest of the night drinking wine and looking at this woman.

Don’t you love the British aristocracy?

This was a fantastic idea as I then had the opportunity to learn how to taste wine. This wasn’t part of the night, just someone in the group who knows how to taste wine. I was quite excited.  So I swilled it around and did some smelling of it.

Smelt like wine to me.

Put a little bit in my mouth and breathed in – WITHOUT spitting it out or choking on it.  My mother would be proud.

Tasted like wine too.

Tried the rest of the bottle with the same result.

It was a great night.

Genuine art crafty-ness made specially for the wine tasting bottle


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