It’s Raining

I understand that it’s no Superstorm, but it’s not stopped raining for pretty much three days now.

We aren’t flooded, but most of the rest of the country is, and it turned into the reason I didn’t go sailing yesterday.  I was all prepared.  I was going to take my little boat out to play with.  Not to race, not to teach, not to end up crewing for somoeone else because you feel guilty that they can’t sail without crew who hasn’t turned up, not going in someone else’s boat because a Vareo is not really a cruising boat (and you get dizzy sailing round and round the front and back of the fleet as the cruising boats make their way to the picnic point over several hours – a distance DiagoNelly is capable of in mere seconds (especially with the kite up and even with the inclusion of the inevitable swimming).

No, I was going to take my boat out and sit in it for a bit and maybe survey the lake.  It was the last ‘official’ day of sailing, so there would be hot lunch after and probably some banter.

It was raining.  A few of the roads on the way were already closed.  It was too windy for me to sail, going from the forecast.

I went to the beach instead.

The dog enjoyed it


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