Somethings got to give…

So I’ve bitten the bullet and stepped down as membership secretary. I feel pretty bad about this, but time was becoming too much of a pressure, and sailing was starting to stop being about sailing and only being about shouting – at people to pay!

So here’s where we need your help.

We have a in-house system that one of our members put together, but our big plan is now to sort a new system. With this we’d like to be able to do online payment’s (PayPal?) our E-News, membership and boat park spaces. Ideally we’d like it online so that more than one person can use it – and possibly interface with the website so that members can keep their own details up to date.  It should also be really easy so that as peoples roles change its simple to pick up and learn for those new to the job.

Oh yes, and we’d like it to be free…(ok, ok, cheap…!)

What do you think?
What do you use at your club?
Any recommendations?


  1. If you use an online payment system like PayPal, you will lose a percentage of the transaction. I was looking at it for online bookings at my yacht club a number of years ago and whilst I can’t remember the figures, it was a big enough chunk of money that it was never used. It might be a price worth paying if it makes someone’s life easier though.

    • Yes, we seem to keep going round and round this one, but direct debits are a pain as we have to wait to get a paer statement before we know if people have paid. If we had efficient online banking it prob wouldn’t be an issue, but we can’t have this and maintain our ‘charity banking’ status….
      There must be an eaiser way….!

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