Unhealthy Obsession?

I have realised something.

I like racing.  Like quite a lot.  More than I thought I did.

I like racing and not being last more.  In fact I love not being last.  It’s probably why I like racing.

I like racing against other boats the same as me where I can practice not being last.  By copying what they do really well.  I am a grand chief copier.


This is a bit of a problem as I am sailing a friendless boat.  It is a Vareo-free zone.  I have no ones secret tips and trick to share.  If you can’t copy you can’t learn.  Well you probably can, but reading a book and stuff has never really done it for me.  And copying’s quicker.

So I think I have come to a decision.  The boat has got to go.

Despite her sparkly deck, perky spinnaker, sensational storm sail and some pink rope, I need to sail something I can have a good old race in.  With another boat the same.

So the boat is for sale.

For sale, some careful owners. Pink rope at no extra cost.


I’m a little distraught.



  1. So sad to have to get rid of such a cool boat, especially one with pink rope, but I know exactly how you feel. The thrill of not being last in a one design fleet is seriously addictive.

    What boat are you going to get to replace the Vareo?

    • Emmmm…. Do I admit that I might be thinking ‘why buy one boat, when you could buy two????’

      That’s right – a laser, and a laser with a torch sticker on it to cover all of my bases :)!

  2. It could be said that a Torch is nothing more than a Laser in sheep’s clothing. But how lucky you are to have boxes of sheep’s clothing lying about unused.

    I think I would just get a Laser for now and dress it up later, as required.

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