The Knitting Sailor

If you were the man in the coffee shop in London last week
January 14, 2013, 6:57 am
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I didn’t really see you there

Stood behind my fought for stool

I’d only even taken a pew

To try and use the internet

Your suitcase it was very full

And hung about with extra stuff

But when I pushed my seat right back

I didn’t expect it to fall about

And crash into you with your scalding coffee

(I think it was a grande)

You must have made a grab

To save it from its tragic plight

But this was a futile attempt

It simply knocked the coffee from your hand

Depositing it across the land

I know I looked a little vague

As I apologised and turned on tail

You didn’t look so very jolly

In fact I thought you might go purple

Standing there with bags on floor

Coffee dripping from the door

But my train doors were just closing

Without a rush I would be stranded

… I’m really very sorry

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