29th of Feb – a day of magic!

I am so excited about today.  It’s a super special free day only available every four years and I personally think should be a public holiday – just because.  I’m not excited for any particular reason – I’m not expecting a woman to propose to me (you never know), and I don’t even have anything cool planned to do, but it must be a day when fairies play out and unicorns gallop about the place, so I will be keeping a weather eye out.

Things I think we should do on the 29th of February when I rule the world

  • Fly a kite – there’s not enough of it about.  I blame the lack of chimney sweeps.
  • Watch the entire boxed set of Friends or similar American show – this will convince you that your usual run of the mill day is actually far more fascinating then you realise.  And revolves less around coffee.
  • Have a picnic at the seaside – yes even if it is freezing cold and raining – it will be just like when you were little and you can even have a row in the car on the way back if you would really like.
  • Knit something you have been looking forward to for ages – not a cardie.
  • Make a special meal – so for me that would be something not revolving around tinned soup, cheese on toast, or popcorn.

What I will actually be doing today is attend lots of meetings about marketing and our new product launch, stressing over training content I need to provide for my teams tomorrow, and attending a networking event tonight.  I think I may use this event to see if anyone else has spotted the fairies and unicorns.   Not sure this will drum up more business…. maybe if I took a kite?

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