Second Sleeve Stress!

Good news!

I have finished the second sleeve!!  And I only had to pull it out and re-do it twice due to it ending up a different size to the other sleeve – specifically the cuff.  Turns out *slightly* stressed around product launches is not the time to knit an item to match with relaxed glass of wine knitting.

Now that it’s finished I feel a huge burden lifted… but that just leaves me the next problem – that it is going to end up too short if I don’t get some more wool.  So I reckon I have three options

  1. Spend the foreseeable future throwing myself upon the mercy of Ravelers who have this in their stash.  This is something I have held back from currently as
    1. I need more than one ball
    2. I need less than 20 balls
    3. I am stingy and don’t want to pay shipping from Australia (like how did it get there????)
    4. Amend the pattern and finish the cardie short.  To make it look like it’s meant to be.  To be fair I am sick of the sight of it, so this may well be the quickest solution.
    5. I could knit till I run out and then knit in a different colour of the same wool and make a feature out of it.

Currently two is winning.  If I do that I may also have the opportunity to wear it before we actually get to what passes for summer up here!

Things I have learnt from this project

  1. I am unable to make things that match – must investigate double knitting and magic loop for knitting matching things at once
  2. It is actually possible to not buy enough wool
  3. I knit loose, so size patterns down – even when you get the gauge
  4. Wine is always good and will get you round most things in the end!


  1. Have you tried eBay or an Internet search. Have had success with both in the past. Or contacting the original retailer…

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