Off the Blocks!

Yesterday was my new sails first outing.

I was tremendously excited.  And really very nervous.  The club was super busy with everyone getting back into it and a committee meeting following racing, so there was much interest and acclaim for the funky newness of the whole thing.  People were oohing and ahhing (and I could see thinking ‘what the heck is she bothering with that for’!) and being generally enthusiastic.  By the time I had fitted my new pimpy toe straps I was feeling that my boat was bling-tastic!

Toe strap-tastic!

Of course on the comfort of land it’s amazing how far you imagine you lean out the boat on your toe-straps….

My boat was further complimented by my shiny new buoyancy aid (can you tell it has been Christmas and bonus time since the last time I was sailing?  Without the bonus I defiantly wouldn’t have stretched to the buoyancy aid).

This is in pink.  Pale pink.  A bit girly girly pale pink rather than bright pink girly ROAR!  I was somewhat disappointed in this, but have had the perennial struggle of buying a buoyancy aid that suits a more ‘ahem’ feminine figure.  When I have the time I will mainly be making my fortune by investing in bright pink neoprene manufacture and a female mannequin – how hard really can it be to produce female–friendly sailing equipment?  In pink?  Maybe I could knit it.

So fully equipped I was ready to take to the water.  And I did.  It was AMAZING sailing.  For the first time in any wind (and yesterday was topping a force 4 early 5) I actually had some control over the boat.  I did things like deciding where I was going to go.  In the first instance this was straight over the side when I established early on I am a fat lump and really don’t hike out of the boat far enough to require my straps that loose.  To be fair I hadn’t decided on this – it was a consequence of where I decided to go (On a reach.  Very fast).   The good news on this was that I didn’t die, so therefore the buoyancy aid obviously works.

Shiny new!

And as an additional bonus I was able to pop the boat straight up with no problems at all – this is why we like reservoir sailing – it is not possessive when it comes to your boat and gives it straight back to you.

This is all to do with having a boat which is no longer overpowered for me.  To be fair I didn’t get the kite up – I think I may have ended up in a death-roll, but what a difference to the entire boat.  Definitely money well spent – I would advise any RS Vareo sailor who feels the same about their full size sail to give the Storm Sail a go – I can’t see me going back based on yesterday.

Funky Monkey

So after a bit of adjustment I had a fab blast and feel well equipped for the season ahead.

I am bold.  I am intrepid.  I am not going to win the pity prize at this year’s prize giving (honestly – how many times can you win the best improvers and still actually be rubbish?  Last year they decided that if they gave it me again I would have to keep it – so they made up a prize for me – I think just so that I keep sailing and everyone has someone to beat – the ‘Perseverance’ award – Gosh I was proud).

So my next plan is to decide which series I am going to compete in.  I am planning on doing this on general magnificence of the trophies rather than what I have a hope of winning – so I think the Summer Series may be it.  Just wait till I win it and can show it to you all…

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