Justify your knitting

I’m sometimes asked why I knit.  This is often from someone vaguely surprised that I do something ‘crafty’.  I suspect I don’t come across like this.  In fact let’s not go into what I think I sometimes come across as right now.

I usually say that it’s very relaxing, but actually this isn’t really it.  The reasons I knit are complicated

  • You can’t drink at 9am in the morning.  Well you can, but there’s a name for that.  Retired.
  • When your head is full of complicated stuff it can be very therapeutic to spend a little time focusing on how to make a bit of wool do something funky.  Won’t solve the complicated thing in your head – in fact may just add an additional complication (why have I got 358 stitches when I should only have 73?  Yes this has actually happened. There may have been wine involved) – but at least it gives you something a little more solvable to deal with (pull it out, pull it all out, see now its just wool again and can’t hurt you with naughty extra stitches).  See – one problem solved!
  • I’m a glory hound.  So I just love wearing stuff I knit so that people can compliment me on it and I can go ‘I knit that’ and they can be astounded. The fact it is actually something really simple and has lots of mistakes in it remains a secret known only to me.  And my husband. And the dog.  And frequently the neighbours if there are a few mistakes.  And sometimes the cold-caller from India who would really like to talk to me about making sure I am getting the best deal on my gas and electricity.
  • It’s like being in a secret club – you can always spot a fellow knitter – usually down to point 3 – and then have a perfect in for getting talking.  Actually on reading that back it makes me sound like a weird knitting-stalker.  I’m not I just obviously don’t get out much.
  • It takes the edge of all of those dull telly program’s that you sit through with your needles – trust me – Glee is better with knitting and long car journeys are transformed into a knitting assault course as you juggle the stitches round corners and over unexpected bumps.


What I also love is the wool you can buy just to have and hold and stare at and imagine the possibilities of all the things it could be.

And then put it away mindful you have a cardie to finish.

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