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Be afraid, be very afraid….
April 23, 2012, 7:46 am
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Flushed with success, Able Seaman Knitting Sailor (doesn’t really work does it?) has gone straight to the next challenge – driving a powerboat!

I have never driven a powerboat before as I think they are scary dangerous things and what’s the point as they don’t have a sail.  But I started a proper course to learn how to zoom around our stretch of water.

I’m not a very good driver in a car and this kind of persisted with the powerboat.  I thought I was doing really well until it was pointed out that closing my eyes every time I got above 3mph maybe wasn’t the best approach.  But I persevered and look what I won!

That’s right – a licence to drive a powerboat when accompanied by my small brown princessly dog.

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Congratulations! I’m a bit like you – have very little experience in powerboats. But I did manage to pass my powerboat test for the US Sailing Level 2 Coach course a few pears back so I guess I’m not all that bad. As long as I remember to keep my eyes open!

Comment by Tillerman

LOL. Years not pears.

Comment by Tillerman

I was enjoying the concept of you measuring time in pears. By number eaten? Or by the number of harvests from a tree?

Comment by knittingsailor

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