In which I am provincial

I’ve been thinking long and hard about the best place there is to sail in the entire world in response to a challenge laid down by Tillerman.  Now this isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, the key reason for this being that I haven’t sailed many places.  Now Tillerman is very clear – you could even write a blog about somewhere you haven’t sailed, but think would be great.

Well this is all well and good, but I’m a bit provincial and haven’t been far, and I don’t know how much you can really recommend somewhere you haven’t sailed yourself.  I could say the most out of this world sailing is on the Lakes of Titan – but who would believe me, and what’s my evidence for that one?  (HERE obviously – you can find anything on the Internet)

I obviously have a favourite place to sail – my home club – but have had some other amazing experiences sailing in Tighnabruaich, Bassenthwaite, Fornells and of course in Sunderland (OK – there was more rescuing than sailing that took place there, but you get the idea).  So where should I recommend?

I think I have to go with my heart on this one – sailing at Kielder has quite literally changed my life.   I learnt to sail there in the rain after buying a leaky old Enterprise and have sailed there ever since.  We actually have four closer sailing clubs and yet we still come back here.  Why?  Well have a look at THIS.

Got it?  This is a club video put together last year and it sums up why Kielder is the best place to sail in the entire universe (yes, even better than Titan).  It’s not just the place, it’s the people.  We have found friendships we didn’t expect and more support and enthusiasim than we could have dreamt of.  The people we sail with make our sailing what it is, make us want to return and share the moment with them.  What would a race be on your own?  A post sail beer, with no one to discuss the finer points of why your boat is better than theirs?  A cruise with no one to water bomb?

Without the people we sail with would we want to sail?


So I believe when you are sailing with friends, the best place to sail – is right where they are.


  1. Thank you. Kielder looks wonderful.

    I wondered if anyone would choose a location that’s not on this planet. I didn’t say which planet did I? Titan look like it could be interesting too!

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