May Open – a knitting triumph!

So the KWSC May Open event takes place across the 5th and 6th of May.  I have been very excited about it as it was going to be an opportunity for me to sail my own boat for once – only the second time this year with everything else that has been going on.  And as an instructor, victory would surely be mine!

The wind has been, shall we say, light.
Overenthusiastic wind forecast

What the lake actually looks like is this.

Howling Wind

It’s a knitting triumph.

A busy weekends sailing



  1. Oh, now I get why knitting and sailing go so perfectly together. For 30 years I have been letting myself get all frustrated about no wind todays and wasting my time at regattas when it’s too light to sail by doing pointless stuff like chatting with the other sailors.

    I need to to take up knitting!

  2. Yes – chatting with sailors when you could be chatting AND knitting – think of the jumpers you could have had! Its not too late to start – what about a simple hat like this one –

    We did get back on the water later in the afternoon and I managed to improve my standing from second last to third last – that’s three better than I’ve ever achieved before!

    Would have meant more if the two below me and the one above hadn’t gone home on the Saturday night.

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