It’s the greatest show on earth!

Here we are watching the opening ceremony!

To be fair, you kind of had to be there…

I feel so proud and humbled to be British with this barmy event.  I’m not going to go on about it – if you saw it you don’t need me to tell you about it – and if you missed it – well here is a little to whet your appetite –

Jerusalem (yup – we were crying right there…!), the Queen parachuting in, Michael Fish, the forging of the Olympic rings, Mr Bean, the AMAZING Olympic cauldron, the Elvis get up worn by our team, the trampolining beds, the floating clouds, the national anthem (including verse two!), the Archers, Texting and Mary Poppins.

Go, go now and watch it…..

Click HERE!


  1. I heard – what was that all about then???
    The only ‘miss’ we felt was Doctor Who – we had hoped he might light the torch…. well there’s always the closing ceremony…!

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