Did you put something in my coffee?

I think I may have a problem.

It all started this weekend, when we went away to Yorkshire (more on this later – I can’t tell you what a random place that is – and if it were a country rather than a county it would currently be standing fourth in the Olympic Medal tables).  We left on Friday and as usually I had my normal packing disaster.   What this means is I ended up taking away more wool than clothes with me, and even the wool I took had no discernible rhyme or reason too it.  I was half way through a jumper.  Why didn’t I just take that?

I don’t know, but holiday-starty-itis set in.   After starting four different projects over the space of two hours on the way there I had got completely hooked on a Wingspan in green.  I have not had any inclination to knit this.  It’s not that exciting.  Its garter stitch.  I only started it because everyone else in the world had done it and the pattern was simple enough to do while watching the Mr drive round and round a track (and I even managed to look interested).  It is the work of the devil.

I can’t put it down.

I found myself sitting in a meeting yesterday day dreaming of knitting some more.  I have been knitting on the Metro, in the car, quickly under my desk, dropping more stitches than knitting them.  A strange sense of urgency has taken over when I feel compelled to finish it as soon as possible… possibly so I can knit another one.  And the worst thing is?  I’m not even sure I like it.  I think it will make me look like a dinosaur.

Just call me T-Rex


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