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This is a tourist information announcement for Yorkshire
August 10, 2012, 2:51 pm
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Ten reasons why Yorkshire is great

1. No parking restrictions

You parked it where?

2. A somewhat relaxed approach to Health and Safety

Is that really safe?

(That right – giant saw, no helmets, glasses, gloves, shirt hanging out, and I was too scared to photograph when he was stood on top with one leg either side of the blade pulling the wood through – while it was still running)

3. An inclusive and welcoming approach to people from all across the globe

I wonder if they paid them in fruit

4. Great night life

Just a normal Saturday night on Pickering High Street

5. Wool Shops

Fortunately they have plenty of multi coloured sheep in Yorkshire

6. They support the traditional British holiday

Don’t worry – it did rain later

7. Enthusiasm for the local wildlife

It’s OK – I checked and it wasn’t nailed there

8. They have pride in their inventors

Not seen a one of these on any of the Olympic boats – are we going wrong somewhere?

9. They can make you walk on water


10. And most of all… they serve great Beer!  (Really?  You need a photo of it?????)

Go visit – and tell them I sent you!

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And my Mum was born there. You didn’t mention that. And what about Yorkshire Pudding?

Comment by Tillerman (@ProperCourse)

Ah, the joy of the Yorkshire pudding… it can be number 11.

Comment by knittingsailor

Hurrah for William Scoresby – discovered the largest fjord system in the world, dodging icebergs in a wooden boat!

Though that might have been William Scoresby *Junior* not his dad who is honoured in this blue plaque

Comment by JP

Although he was obviously only able to do this as he now had a Crows Nest to spy from – his father must have been proud 🙂

Comment by knittingsailor

Love this! Fun and funny! 😉

Comment by momentumofjoy

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