Stuck in Norwich

Now Norwich is a nice place, with a wealth of history – from Boudicea (we love a strong woman – although I bet she didn’t actually wear what they have her in in a lot of the statues – she’d have frozen) to Nelson – he learnt to sail on the Norfolk broads – which of course actually feature in Coot Club and the Big Six – part of Arthur Ransoms Swallows and Amazons series.

So plenty of sailing tradition – and the venue for this years away cruise from the club – we didn’t make it due to a holiday clash.

But somehow I am not feeling warm and fuzzy about it.  I can’t see any boats from where I am sitting on an industrial estate.  I also can’t see a soon to be fixed car.  Just a very broken and sad little car which didn’t mean to break down on me.  At least I hope that’s what she is thinking.  I’m feeling pretty grumpy about it.  In fact so grumpy that I have bought a Knitting magazine and am now knitting these –

They are made out of sparkly, trashy acrylic.

You know it’s bad when it’s cheering me up this much.


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