Who da man?

Got a boat that’s bothersome?

Do you find your trailer troublesome?

Can you just not be arsed to pick up your own boat?

Then why not call….THE BOATFIXER!!!!

At reasonable rates and with the ability to make your life seem much more perfect, then who you gonna call – THE BOATFIXER!!!

This is the boatfixer winning many prizes at this years prize giving – he’s a lush sailor as well as doing beautiful boat fixing.

(have I done enough to justify my boat pick up yet?)


  1. Great publicity – do you think he would fix our Mirror if you asked him to? He didn’t have space – or time – or some dimension like that, when I mentioned it before.

  2. Diagonelly is outside my house and your hubby is set to collect her from me in the morning. Some day over several beers I will tell you the saga of today but at least your boat is safe and sound. Suffice to say I hope its on the right trailer cause the only flat tyred one I could find had two flat tyres,,,,

    Judy – As soon as I can get some of my fleet out of storage in the workshop I will be able to do yours but I do have a Mirror to build with Rosie as well for this year…..

    • Thanks Graham. I did hope I’d be able to put the Mirror in Ravi’s garage but a) it was full the last time I looked and b) he’s got house viewings, so that looks tricky at the moment.

  3. Why not purchase Boatfixer’s Deluxe Fixing Package and have him sail the regatta for you, too?

    This would save you having to suit up in all those silly clothes and avoids the risk of getting wet and cold as well.

    You could still blog about the racing and post pictures to Facebook, the two main reasons that anyone does anything anymore.

    • You are obviously a lush sailor as you are a sailing grandmaster. That means you can beat computers and stuff ( although that brings into question how you make a waterproof computer which is really complicated). You are indeed lush and possibly even super mint too. Fancy sailing at South Shields on Sunday???

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