South Shields Splash preparation


Things I have done in preparation for going sailing on Sunday

• Asked on facebook if anybody else is going

• Thought about it a bit

• Checked the weather forecast from my desk – this involved both checking a website and looking out of the window, so a lot of time went into this.

• Done sit ups at least twice to get myself in peak physical condition

• Eaten some cake to make sure I am warm on the water with my extra layer of winter cake fat


Things I haven’t done in preparation for going sailing on Sunday

• De-grot and chase mice out of my boat

• Collect said boat from the lake

• Work out how to fix the tyre on the road trailer that has got broken over the winter so that I can collect my boat from the lake.

• Check over and re-rig my boat with kite etc.

• Pulled out my sails and inspected to ensure they are nice and sparkly

• Worked out how to get to the sailing club involved.

• Entered the regatta

• Read the sailing instructions

• Gone through and sorted out my sailing gear


So I am obviously SOOOO prepared!

Anything I’ve forgotten?


South Shields Splash


    • I think I heart you!

      Only problem is apparently there is an issue with one of the wheels on the road trailer – Chris noticed it last week but was too busy to fix(something to do with poping of the rim?!?) – so think it may take man jobs to fix so prob need the Mr to go up and look at it!

      • I have spare wheels, bearings etc in stock so can easily throw in the back of the car and sort for you if you want – my mobile is on the website or Mr F has it so give me a call this morning if you want it sorting.

  1. Apparently the other thing that should be on your list of “things I have done” is “write blog post sounding like helpless unprepared little woman so that some unsuspecting man will volunteer to fix my trailer and collect my boat from lake.”

      • It does sound as if you have some wonderful helpful people as friends. Pleased to hear you’re not going to have to dig your boat out of the snow. Have fun at the Splash. Don’t forget to take some cake.

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