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Where am I?
June 18, 2013, 4:40 pm
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So everyone runs these competitions. Where am I?

Well I don’t think many people will get this, but I am here –


I know!!!!
And look at this!!!


Mwahahahaha!!!! I can do little other than cackle at the moment.

(there is no point to this post other than to let burglars know we aren’t at home… but just for the record my tall, muscular brother is dog-sitting at ours – good luck…!)

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Wherever it is, it’s lovely!

Comment by Bonnie K. Frogma

jealous, jealous, jealous

Comment by Alexrad

Oh God, Not you too! I do nothing all day but try and guess the answers to “Where am I?” and “What is this?” questions on people’s blogs.

Comment by Tillerman (@ProperCourse)

Fortunately with the time difference in the UK you guys have normally solved it by the time I catch up with posts like this!

Comment by knittingsailor

And I think you are at Nidri or Sivota or Halkidiki pr Adakoy,

Comment by Tillerman (@ProperCourse)

Is it that sunsail resort with the rude sounding name?

Comment by JP

You got it!
Phokaia in Foca.

And no – apparently you don’t say it like that….!!

Comment by knittingsailor

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