Why, oh why, oh why…

I always said I hate running.  In fact I even said so here.

But it turns out I didn’t hate running that much.  By this time last year I was running 6-7 miles on my weekly ‘big run’ and although I wouldn’t go so far as to say I enjoyed it I was sort of ‘in the zone’ – I could motivate myself to get out of the house and put one foot in front of the other for excessive periods of time.

From this you may be wondering why this matters.  Well it matters as I thought it would be a good idea to do the Great North run again.  It totally wasn’t – I should learn that I am a one trick pony and that I should never re-visit something I have already done.

I was still running a bit through to February.  Then I stopped.  I fell over (not while running I hasten to add, or drinking, or even doing something stupid, I am just inherently clumsy…).  My knee was very sore.  It was snowing.  I had knitting and cake.  Why would I run?

So I have now spent the last month trying to get back in the ‘zone’.  It’s not working.

Here are some recent photos I took on different runs

That’s the Links
Hollywell Dene

The Lighthouse

This all tells you one important thing – that I was taking photos instead of running.  Even on my run I am trying to avoid running.

So, on the quest for motivation I have been reading other blogs from runners.  The big problem is however they all are

  1. Good Runners
  2. Enthusiastic runners (hence them having blogs)
  3. Long ago got past cake wobble
  4. Past understanding about the zone as they have inhabited it for the last million years.

So at the moment my big plan is to keep thrashing away at it till I find the zone.

I ran four miles yesterday.  It was 28C.  It nearly killed me.

(You’ll find links to the running blogs I am referring to in the ‘Why not try…’ page.)

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