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The Nelly Name Challenge!
August 14, 2013, 9:18 am
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My new boats are currently nameless. I know it the Supernova has Audi on the side, but that doesn’t count – it needs a proper name that shows I love it.

But the names are becoming a little thin on the ground.

Our first boat was the Dirty Nelly – and bought between three couples. As we joined en-mass with an additional assortment of dogs, kids and musical instruments, people used to get us a little confused – so for a while we were just the ‘Nelly Crew’. The ‘Nelly Swimmers’ might have been more appropriate as that seemed to be the sole result of any activity with that particular boat. And from that time on every boat any of us has owned has had a ‘Nelly’ name.

But as eBay affectionardos this means names are becoming a little tricky due to the sheer number of boats we have been through.

So far we have had

The Dirty Nelly – Enterprise

Knot on your Nelly – Osprey

Nifty Nelly – Flying 15

Nelly-phant – Concept 302

Nelly Afloat – Laser

DiagoNelly – RS Vareo

InternatioNelly – Laser

InfferNelly fast – Flying 15

OccasioNelly – Wayfarer

There was also the camper van – the Nelly There and my leaving present from my last work – a pirate galleon appropriately named Nelly Bankrupt. Trust me – the long winter nights just fly by.

It was a class leaving present

It was a class leaving present

We’re now the only Nellys left at the club – having lost the rest of the crew to golf, biking and big boat sailing – but the big boat sailors kept the faith with the yacht calling it ‘Kandula’ – referencing that famous war elephant – so a posher Nelly! You can read about the exploits of that set of Nellys here.

So the question is – what do I call the boats??? Over to you – whoever comes up with the two names I pick, I will knit something for over the next six months.

It might even not be a scarf, but I’m not promising….!

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The Audi one should be CarNelly according to Mrs boatfixer

Comment by Boatfixer

Is that a bit rude????

Comment by knittingsailor


Comment by Tony

You really want me to knit you something don’t you!!

Comment by knittingsailor

Yes please…even a scarf! Karen is STILL knitting the Millenienieniumium blanket!

Comment by Tony

Superannua -nelly?…clutching at straws now!

Comment by Tony

How about the NellyB, after the intrepid Nellie Bly?

Comment by Bonnie K. Frogma

BTW, I made a new blog friend yesterday – the connection was a Facebook page called “You Know You From Hawai’i When…” but when I looked at her blog I thought of you – check it out, you’ll see why!

Comment by Bonnie K. Frogma

Wow – she is super- accomplished as well!

Comment by knittingsailor

[…] The Nelly Name Challenge! […]

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TensioNelly, to keep them guessing about whether it’s about knitting technique or if you meant that last unorthodox sailing manoeuvre.
Please knit me a Möbius main sheet so I’ll never have a loose end.

Comment by Michael wise

Mobius main – definitely a genius idea.
And obviously the ongoing tension of ‘will I be last or will I be last…’!

Comment by knittingsailor

Why not call your Laser what the race committee does?

Fine Nelly

Comment by o docker

Totally apt…

Comment by knittingsailor

Given your reaction to the jelly fish (and the capsize) how about … WET NELLY

Comment by BlueVark

[…] everyone likes to win, in my next post I will also be sharing who the winners of the boat naming competition are – and an update on the knitting […]

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