14 reasons not to like afterthought heels

This was my lovely wool. I was really excited about it. I knit it into tubes in shetland purely because I got distracted and knit too much to put the heel in.

Its ok – there is a technique to turn them into socks.  Afterthought heels were all set to become the next big thing.

But it turns out that I hate afterthought heels.

1. 14 ends to sew in. That’s 14.
2. They are not pretty. I don’t want a heel that looks like a toe.
3. Cutting your knitting. Never going to catch on.
4. Picking up a total of 104 stitches.
5. Knitting backwards by mistake and having to unpick your purled heel.
6. Still on the 14 ends. Its just not right.

I suspect they will also be the gift that keeps giving – looking forward to all those ends coming lose over the coming weeks!





  1. They do *look* fab though. You live, you learn.

    I’m with you on the cutting, although I’d quite like to try steeking for the purpose of cardigan manufacture…

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