Summer Attire

It’s definitely the start of the summer – for the first time I wore a wetsuit by choice this weekend.  This time I only got wet by jumping into 8ft of water while attempting a lee shore landing (I was like a foot away from the bank!  Why oh why….).  That lake has it in for me.

Today the sun is shining and people are smiling, the summer wardrobes have been broken open and I’m even wearing white trousers.  So it seems like an ideal time to finish what I started inspired by the Yarn Harlot. That’s right – my cardie is finished.

Just when it has become unwearable I have finally had a last spurt and it’s done.  Here it is blocking.

Marvel at the ‘mazing pattern.

Admire the adorable hood.

Gaze at the georgeous snugglyness of it.

Wonder why it took me 21 balls of wool (pattern called for 13 – don’t mention the g word…).

Laugh your head of at the aran winter weight of it as the temp soars.

Expect to see me wearing it from now on in.


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