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June 28, 2012, 7:59 am
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It was wolly-licious!  And really busy and I don’t think we even saw everything.

Highlights included –

  • Getting to gaze at other’s projects on the bus (and giving up on my really complicated lace knitting  that I had randomly brought with me after about two minutes)
  • Admiring the yarn bombing that welcomed us as we arrived
  • Seeing a sheep sheered (it was somewhat reluctant and was very ashamed to be naked in front of the other sheep)

Yes, that is a lady sheep sheerer…

  • Buying wool made out of baby camel – then feeling guilty that it may be a little cold now
  • Meeting  alpaca (never actually worked out the difference between lama and alpaca)

Definitely Alpaca. They had a sign.

  • Learning to spin (no I take that back – being convince spinning is easy enough to buy spinning things)

Lynda learning to spin. Before realising how expensive spinning wheels are and buying drop spindles in a vain attempt to capture the experience…

  • Trying to actually do spinning on a drop spindle on the bus on the way home.  It’s a bit lumpy due to doing it on a bus.  I’m calling it ‘Roundabout yarn’

Be more impressed – its REALLY HARD

I then took my haul of knitting straight to the Sailing Clubs Summer Party.  I think all of our sailing fraternity were thrilled as I regaled them with stories of yarn derring-do – and sheep-antics – well at least the barman told me the alcohol consumption increased on my arrival.

Obviously due to how much they were all enjoying it.


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Great yarn!

Comment by Tillerman (@ProperCourse)

I like to spin a good story!

Comment by knittingsailor

I took a knitter to watch some sailing races today. Somehow I don’t think I will ever be able to persuade a sailor to come with me to watch knitting.

Comment by Tillerman (@ProperCourse)

Have you not seen the Wimbledon news? Us knitters will go watch anything… as long as we can take our knitting with us!

Comment by knittingsailor

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